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Image by Joshua Harris

Air Brush
Spray Tanning

For the best possible results and outcomes of your spray tan we suggest the before and after-care procedures laid out below.

Air Brush Spray Tanning

Choose from Mid Summer or Dark Summer Shades

30 Minutes


Before Your Session
Other Spa Services

Make sure you schedule all other spa treatments for before your spray tan, including facials, massages, waxing, and mani/pedis. Although a spray tanning can be done immediately after most other spa services we highly recommend at least one day in between.


Exfoliating prior to your tan is one of the most important ways to help your tan last and look its best. The best advice for every client is to exfoliate your entire body the day/evening before or first thing in the morning if your treatment is later that evening.


If you choose to shave, you should do so beforehand, though not immediately before. Shaving earlier in the day and rinsing with ice cold water will close your pores making sure the tan doesn’t get caught in there and appear as little brown dots and that you use new razor blades to avoid having your tan fade unevenly.

Skin and Body

Avoid wearing any perfume, creams, lotions, deodorant, and make-up to your spray tan appointment as any of these worn will have to remain on until your recommended first after-care shower at 8 to 12 hours and may adversely affect the outcome.

After Your Session

While your tan is developing you should completely avoid getting wet. This includes perspiring, swimming, showering and/or getting caught in the rain. You also want to avoid tight clothing, especially pants with inseams such as jeans and some leggings, as well as tight cuffed pants/sweatpants, etc.


Depending on the time of your session and your individual schedule you may need to spleep in your tan before the recommended 8 to 12 hours before showering. Be warned that your tan will appear darker than it actually is, but, when you rinse off the bronzer in the morning, you should have a milder color, plus a fully developed tan. 


After the 8 to 12 hour developing time for your spray tan we recommend taking a lukewarm shower, with a pH balanced body wash rather than an exfoliating soap or scrub, and pat dry when you get out. Moisturize as soon as possible after your shower using the recommendations in Skin and Body section.

Skin and Body

It’s important to use body wash and body lotion recommended for post-spray tan care. Keeping your skin moisturized is key. Any products containing alcohol or certain oils, like mineral oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil, will actually strip your tan, and should be avoided.

How Long Will It Last

In general, anywhere from five to twelve days. Your face and hands will last a bit less than your overall tan since you’re (hopefully) washing them more frequently but your overall lifestyle and habits are the determining factors.  Drink plenty of water to hydrate from the inside and use the recommended types of moisturizers liberally and often to help maintain on the outside. Please talk to our staff for specific recommendations based on your skin type for ideas or products that can help make your tan last as long as possible.

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