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LUCENTE Information & Before and Afters

Please call or stop by the Spa to talk to one of our consultants to see if LUCENTE is right for you and to schedule your appointments.

LUCENTE®  is an innovative brightening solution, consisting of an in clinic MESOTHERAPY TREATMENT and HOME CREAM. It is a radical new product designed specifically for the treatment of Melasma, PIH and similar forms of dynamic pigmentation.

How LUCENTE® Works

LUCENTE® program involves both an in-clinic treatment and a take home cream. The in-clinic component is a prescribed number of microneedling sessions utilizing our powerful LUCENTE® mesotherapy to kick start the process of melanocyte inhibition and destruction.

Patients will be provided with the at-home LUCENTE® Cream to continue using to enhance and bolster the effects of the mesotherapy sessions.

The powerful combination of ingredients in LUCENTE® attacks melasma and PIH at four critical stages in the melanocyte lifecycle, providing the most well-rounded approach currently available by any product, anywhere in the world.

The mix of both competitive and non-competitive blockers allows our unique formulation to:

  • Inhibit melanin formation

  • Inhibit/destroy melanosome formation and transfer

  • Exfoliate pigmented keratinocytes

  • Stabilize melanocyte activity via rich antioxidants

It is asked that you avoid the sun as much as possible when doing these treatments and it is a MUST to commit to the program of using the home cream day and night as recommended and being mindful when in the sun to have protection on

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