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Why we should routinely get facials and how often?

Did you know that your skin's life cycle is 3-4 weeks? It is suggested to have a facial about every 30 days. Having this as a monthly routine not only helps to improve the over all health of the skin but it also allows you to achieve and maintain a glowing complexion. The exfoliation of dead skin cells along with the deep cleansing of the pores allows for a greater cellular turnover rate. Facials also help to improve the blood flow and circulation. This is important to your cells because increased blood flow to the skin helps to bring oxygen, proteins and nutrients to the skin, while also ridding your skin of toxins and fluid build up through your lymphatic system. A facial is not just suitable for getting that skin glow though! They are also great at reducing the physical and psychological stress that we all experience in our day to day lives. Our relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage will melt away the stress and leave you feeling refreshed and tension free.

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