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Manual Lymphatic Drainage...What in the world is that?

MLD aids in optimizing cellular wellness, pain relief, inflammation, and depuffs the skin. It’s long been Hollywood's secret to shedding excess water weight overnight.

What is MLD?

MLD is a gentle and effective therapy that:

Helps relieve inflammation all over the body

Calms the nervous system

And improves immunity without stimulating it.

How does MLD work?

A certified lymphatic practitioner combines hands and special brushes during this treatment.

MLD is not a deep tissue massage. It is a gentle therapy that helps move excess fluids towards drainage points around the body.

Who does it work for?

MLD is an effective therapy for treating inflammation. It helps speed up the body's ability to recover from both minor and chronic conditions.

Common forms of inflammation include auto-immune conditions like fibromyalgia, eczema, and psoriasis.

It is a post-operation favorite for reducing swelling and speeding up healing time.

Who is it not for?

MLD is not recommended for clients with Botox or recent filler treatments. It will metabolize them and can cause filler to migrate.

At It's Me Time Spa we customize our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatments to meet each client's unique needs. It also couples well with most our services we offer at the spa. The most popular of them being our CryoSlimming service it helps to provide better and faster results.

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